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Thinking about investing in the Nottingham property market?

Nottingham and its surrounding areas stand out as a robust property market with diverse tenant demographics, promising rental yields, and huge investment opportunities for both seasoned and new investors.

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What can Nottingham do for your property portfolio?


Rental yields

Nottinghamshire offers competitive rental yields of around 6-7% for traditional buy-to-let, with potential for higher yields in specific areas and property types – some of the highest rental yields in the country!


Investment strategies

The area has a strong rental market with high demand and it’s the 28th cheapest postcode out of 105 postcodes in England and Wales. The buy-to-let market in particular is booming, with HMOs and serviced accommodation also gaining popularity.


 Tenant demographics

Nottinghamshire has diverse tenant demographics, including white-collar professionals, blue-collar workers, overseas professionals, students, and social housing tenants seeking a variety of housing types at different price points.

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How can Purseglove streamline your investment journey?

We can help you to navigate Nottingham’s thriving property market and buy the right investment property at the right price. 

Tap into our local knowledge, vast experience, and network of professionals today to add unparalleled value to your property portfolio!

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Why invest in Nottingham?

Nottingham is a vibrant city in the heart of England that has both historical charm and modern opportunities. Its rich selection of new and old properties prove there’s something for every investor’s budget – and it’s more affordable and has higher rental yields than most popular cities in the south of the country. 

In fact, property prices per square metre in the East Midlands have risen significantly over the last 30 years, increasing from £681 in 1995 to £3,600 in 2023, and Nottinghamshire postcodes have the highest average rental figures in this region with 3-bedroom properties averaging £1,125 per month as of February 2024.

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The combination of relatively low purchase prices and comparatively high rents contributes to favourable yields, ensuring higher profit margins. This economic advantage serves as a valuable safety net during periods of economic uncertainty, especially when faced with high-interest rates and living costs. Nottingham is also strategically located, with 89% of England and Wales reachable within a 4-hour drive of the city. This makes it particularly attractive for logistics and transport businesses, and 41,000 people in the area work in this sector.

Nottinghamshire’s rich history, efficient transport links, and exciting culture create a unique living experience that attracts a varied tenant base. Plus, this thriving county is in constant development and hosts prominent companies like Amazon, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, and Midland Aerospace. The constant development fuels continuous growth and attracts a diverse range of working tenants who are all in need of housing, making Nottingham an ideal place to invest.

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Partner with property investment and management experts

Explore all that Nottingham has to offer! Our sourcing consultation services are here to help you find the right property for your goals, identify risks, and maximise returns on your investment.

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