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At Purseglove Property we’re passionate about people

We believe in the power of genuine human connections. Whether we’re helping landlords find their ideal tenant or helping tenants find their perfect home, we’re committed to making a positive difference. That’s how we achieve the highest occupancy, rent collection, and tenant and landlord satisfaction rates in the industry! 

Happy People

Our Story

In 2014, property investors Rich and Gemma faced a frustrating dilemma. They couldn’t find a property management company that truly understood the importance of compassion and care when it came to looking after tenants and properties!

So, driven by a desire to bring about positive change and fueled by their own experiences as landlords, Rich and Gemma decided to start Purseglove Property. Through their unwavering dedication and the countless satisfied tenants and landlords, the business has flourished into what you see today.

We’re Purseglove Property and we provide people-focused property management and investment services to Shirebrook, Worksop, Mansfield, Ashfield, Beeston, Nottingham, Derby and beyond. Let’s continue building stronger, happier communities for years to come!

The power of shared accommodation

Combating loneliness, providing convenient and affordable living options, and fostering a sense of belonging are just some of the ways that shared accommodation can have a positive impact on local communities. And that’s just one of the reasons why we became HMO specialists!

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The Team

Meet the dedicated individuals who make up our exceptional team.


Rich Purseglove

Director / CEO


Gemma Hutchinson

Director / COO


Jay Brocklehurst

Property Maintenance Manager


Samantha Fisher

Operations Manager




In what is largely an unregulated industry, we’re proud to meet the highest standards. Our accreditations show that we’re committed to providing a reliable and trustworthy service to everyone, regardless of if they’re a tenant, landlord, investor, or otherwise.

I don’t know where I could start. Professional in what they do, always on call, helpful, I had the pleasure of renting a room for over two years. Thank you for caring, the annual Christmas gifts and giving me a sense of security and that I am not alone here. Gemma you are irreplaceable in what you do, you have always helped me and I have always been able to get advice from you. I can heartily recommend Purseglove Property to anyone as it is the only place where they will serve you at the highest level! Thank you very much ❤️

– Gabriela S. (tenant)


Our Mission

We always go above and beyond to help our tenants, landlords, and property investors find where they fit. Our passion for helping people means we not only provide compliant, comfortable, and well-maintained rental properties, but also offer friendly customer service that makes people feel at home. Through this, we achieve the highest occupancy, rent collection, and tenant and landlord satisfaction rates in our industry.

Our Vision

We’ll provide a level of care and expertise that can’t be matched to become the leading residential letting and management company and most trusted HMO specialist in the areas we operate. All of our tenants will thrive in safe, secure and happy environments, and every Purseglove landlord will benefit from the long-term payback that comes from this.

Our Values

Heart Care

Plant Value

Check Person Trust

Checlist Compliance

Safety Integrity

Shuffle Adaptability

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Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about our services or the properties we manage. We’re always here to help!

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