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Shaping the future for tenants, landlords and property investors

We believe that when tenants are happy and feel looked after, they’re more likely to stay with us. And satisfied long-term tenants lead to profitable long-term investments.

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For Our Tenants

We’re setting new standards in tenant services, from straightforward application processes to fast resolution of maintenance issues. Tenant satisfaction is our number one priority.


For Our Landlords

Property management is what we do best. Our expertise and proactive approach maximise revenue, minimise costs, and free up time for landlords, so that they can focus on other things.


For Our Investors

Our consultation services set investors up for success. We have extensive experience creating safe and compliant rental properties, and our trusted network of experts is always on hand to offer valuable advice.


A property management company that cares

We help tenants, landlords and property investors to find where they fit. Through our passion for helping people we achieve the highest occupancy, rent collection, and tenant and landlord satisfaction rates in the industry.

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At Purseglove, you’re more than just a tenant…

We believe that everyone deserves more than just a roof over their head. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with a safe, comfortable, affordable, and impeccably maintained home.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. You can also expect transparent and hassle-free paperwork, secure deposit handling, and swift resolutions to maintenance concerns.

We understand that sometimes life presents challenges, and during those times, we’ll work with you, not against you. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities because we wholeheartedly believe that happy tenants bring about the best outcomes for all involved.

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Find where your buy-to-let fits…

Our service goes above and beyond the standard offered by competitors. Not only are we experts in property management, we’re also passionate about people.

We believe in the philosophy of enlightened self-interest. You can turn a rental property into a thriving long-term investment by cultivating positive relationships with the people that live there. Because the best long-term payback comes from the happiest, long-term tenants.

Unlock the full potential of your property with our support, and enjoy the peace of mind and free time that comes with it!

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Think outside the box with your property investment…

Our comprehensive support services are designed to give property investors a competitive edge. From compliance consultation to refurbishment coordination, we can help you to make informed decisions and achieve your investment goals.

Gain access to exclusive property deals that you won’t find anywhere else, and get help navigating the complexities of property investment.

Whether you need support with the numbers, an experienced partner to view a property on your behalf, or assistance developing a strategy to grow your portfolio, we have the expertise to help. 

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I don’t know where I could start. Professional in what they do, always on call, helpful, I had the pleasure of renting a room for over two years. Thank you for caring, the annual Christmas gifts and giving me a sense of security and that I am not alone here. Gemma you are irreplaceable in what you do, you have always helped me and I have always been able to get advice from you. I can heartily recommend Purseglove Property to anyone as it is the only place where they will serve you at the highest level! Thank you very much ❤️

– Gabriela S. (tenant)

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Are you a tenant seeking information on living in the UK, a landlord looking to systemise and grow your business, or an investor exploring financing options?
Our articles and resources provide expert insights and practical advice on all things property.

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